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Pocket-Go Review

Today we are looking at the fantastic PocketGo: A small handheld console that can play a variety of retro games on the go.

Very similar to the BittBoy we’ve reviewed before, the Pocket-Go’s standout feature are its shoulder buttons, enabling better compatibility with more game types (think GBA games)

What’s included in the box?

It Comes with 8GB micro SD card, USB Card reader, USB cable charger and the interchangeable rainbow buttons if you feel like giving it a new look.


The size is: 12.3cm x5.6cm x 1.4cm. It’s a pretty good looking device and its shape makes it vastly more comfortable for extended gaming sessions over something like the standard BittBoy but still might be on the small size for some people, especially as the D-pad/buttons are very close to the edge of the device.

In terms of button/port layout, the power switch is on the lefthand side of the Pocket-Go, with the volume wheel on the right. The top holds all of the ports, leaving the bottom and back of the device free. There’s a mini-USB port for charging, micro SD slot, AV-out, Reset button, and a headphone jack for when you want to immerse yourself even further into your game.


The screen is a real standout feature with a 2.4 inch IPS display, 320x240 resolution and a tempered glass screen. Some reviews have noticed that their devices had noticeable light bleed but should be fixable by re-seating the screen.

As far as customisation goes, the Pocket-Go comes with interchangeable A,B,X,Y buttons. so if you fancy mixing things up a little you can swap out the standard set with a yellow, blue, green and red combo. By removing the four small screws on the back of the device you can pull the console apart. Theres really not much too it, but be careful as the other buttons (volume rocker, on/off switch, select, start and direction rocker) all want to go walkabout as soon as you remove the back plate so will need to keep an eye on them before putting it back together.

The device itself is made almost exclusively from plastic. While you can't escape that plasticky feel, on the plus side, its very light and feels well put together. Another plus is that it will easily slip in your pocket if you take it out and about with you.


In terms of compatibility, it's got most bases covered:

  • NES

  • GB

  • GBC

  • GBA

  • SNES

  • SMD

  • SMS

  • PCE


  • MAME

  • PS1

In our experience performance varies wildly between consoles and various games so you will definitely need to work your way through your catalogue to see what works and what doesn’t. It absolutely nails GB games but really struggles with, say, PS1 games.

It also supports saved game states and native saves so you don’t have to worry about loosing your progress every time you turn it off.

It’s also got a really great community developer base with different firmwares to choose from which is really helping to smooth out the issues with some of the emulation.


This is a good looking, capable handheld console which you can take anywhere. While it may not offer the perfect portable emulation for all systems, its really hard to beat for the price and should give you hours of entertainment playing your old classics.


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