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Roon ROCK Server

Looking for an affordable PC to act as a Roon music server? We have a collection of spectacular mini PCs at a price that can't be beaten including Intel's incredible NUCs featuring 8/10th Generation Intel Core processors. All our PCs come preloaded with ROCK, Roon's proprietary music streaming OS.

Intel NUC | 10th Gen
roon 10th gen nuc

Intel's latest and greatest. Offering 10th generation Core i processing power, these NUC's have been certified by Roon to work with their ROCK OS.

Intel NUC i3 (10th gen)
Intel NUC i5 (10th gen)

The first Intel NUC with a Dual-Core 10th Generation Intel Core i3 processor. It's a connectivity powerhouse that is the perfect starting point for your new Roon setup.

From £601

With Intel's quad core i5 processor, this perfectly formed mini PC has brains as well as brawn making it a perfect, powerful step up for larger music collections 

From £741

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Intel NUC i7 (10th gen)

This is the first NUC with a true six-core 10th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, which delivers a huge jump in performance compared to its previous generation. Truly best in class. For the biggest music libraries.

From £831

RockApe Fanless
RockApe Mini

These little Napoleons are small, but powerful and whilst they might not boast the NUC brand name, they can certainly compete on the capability front, but without the hefty price tag. Affordable, endlessly customisable, and stripped back utilitarian good looks framed around an all aluminium chassis...what's not to love?! 

i7 fanless mini (8/10th gen)

A silent, beast of a mini PC boasting a powerful core i7 processor capable of dual 4k output. Its ultra quiet running and sleek aesthetics make it the ideal addition to your home music setup.

From £534

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Fanless Mini
Intel NUC Fanless

These compact fanless systems are designed for environments where noise must be kept to a minimum without compromising performance or space. These fanless chassis come with an Intel NUC inside so you can get both the performance and the looks.

Roon ROCK fanless Server | 8th Gen

Offering a server style, fanless chassis with an 8th generation Intel NUC.

From £698

Roon ROCK fanless Server | 10th Gen

The latests and greatest 10th generation Intel NUC in a fanless chassis.

From £698

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