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Roon ROCK mini music server | Asus 10th / 11th / 12th / 13th Gen

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Product Details
UPC: 5032037261029
Brand: Asus - NUC

Think You Know What Small Can Do?

The small but powerful Asus NUC range with 12 or 13th Generation Core i processor is an incredible choice for a Roon ROCK music server.

Whether you opt for a dual core i3, quad core i5 or the incredible six-core / 12 core Intel Core i7 processor (or 13th Gen i5), all of them deliver a huge jump in performance compared to the previous models and can tackle large music collections with ease.

The NUC boasts Thunderbolt 4 which supports up to 40 GBps of data transfer and four USB 3.1 ports to bolster productivity should you ever want to utilise your NUC as a home PC or within a home theatre setup. For display ports there's an HDMI 2.1 port for 4K displays, and USB 4 Type C meaning it has the ability for triple (or quad) displays all outputting at 4K resolution

This NUC can be custom built to have the performance and features of a desktop PC in a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Due to its size you can position it anywhere but if used as a music server must be located near your router or spare LAN port.

Dimensions (WHD mm): 112 x 54 x 117

What is Roon?

Simply put, Roon is the software component to round out your physical/digital home audio setup. It elevates your music experience in many dimensions, from rich metadata to integrated streaming services, and from inspired music recommendations to high-resolution home streaming.

Please note that to take advantage of Roon and this product, you will also require an additional monthly subscription to Roon for any functionality, which is not included with this product.

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