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NFC Skyreach 4 MINI

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Brand: NFC

Stand out from the crowd with the beautiful Skyreach 4 MINI chassis, designed and built by the team from NFC, which stands for Not From Concentrate. It's perfectly apt for this stunning case which feels fresh and original.

NFC's mission is to bring innovative design to consumer electronic products: "Design should not be about following behind, but forging ahead." Well with the Skyreach 4 they've absolutley nailed it; trust us when we say you won't find anything this well engineered on the market. Every fibre of its being has been crafted with passion to give you the best possible platform to build the most powerful mini PC.

Plus, its minimalistic and sleek stylings look the business.

Josh Sniffen, its creator said: "I used to travel for work. My hobby was participation in LAN events across the U.S.A. Gaming laptops didn't work for me, and it was nightmareish transporting my micro-ATX case. Ten years ago I dreamt of a 'console PC.' It needed to be strong, lightweight, more powerful than a laptop, and beautiful."

Nine years of iterative design has gone into producing this case and we've paired it with some of the best hardware on the market. This boasts an 8th generation Intel processor, powerful Nvidia graphics card and DDR4 memory; if you're looking for the ultimate spec'd small form factor PC, look no further.

  • I/O port: Configure to your specifications
  • Dimensions (WHD mm): 348 x 64 x 225
  • Weight (net): 1.1kg

Information on “Brickless” power supply placement:

Due to the limited space within the chassis, opting for the brickless build requires a certain amount of modifications during the build process. Modifications are made to the GPU and the PSU along with the inclusion of two additional fans that replace the ones on the GPU. More information on this process can be found by watching NFC Systems video brickless build on YouTube.


A benchmark is the act of running a computer against certain tests to assess its relative performance of a certain function. While benchmarks have their uses, they don't really help much in real world usage scenarios. A gaming benchmark may sample one particular scene, the outcome of which may not represent the average performance for all scenes in the game.

With this in mind, the below table outlines what RockApe believes are some scenarios our 'Gaming' PC excels at to help you identify if this is the right machine for your needs.


  • Handles all Microsoft office applications
  • Messaging applications such as Slack, Skype etc.


  • Web browsing - multiple tabs open at the same time
  • Streaming or downloaded content such as Netflix
  • Listening to music


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