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Spec'ing out your perfect gaming PC couldn't be easier. Start with the case and then configure your premium components: Intel or AMD processors, RAM, storage and connectivity. We'll do the rest. Alternatively, choose one of our pre-configured beasts, the RockApe Kong. #gamingdoneright

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NZXT 200i black small.jpg
NZXT 200i black small.jpg
NZXT H200i

Spec out the versatile H200i with superb water cooling performance, 8th Gen. Intel Core processors, DDR4 memory and Nvidia graphics to make your PC run as good as it looks.

From £470

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Silverstone Raven RVZ03

A slim form factor PC with flair, but don't be distracted by its aggressive stylings. Spec out with Nvidia RTX 2080 and AIO or air-cooling, and you've got one hell of a machine.

From: £460

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NFC Skyreach 4 

Nine years of design went into the Skyreach. Paired with 8th Gen. Intel processing, Nvidia GPU and DDR4 memory it truly is the ultimate small form factor PC on the market.

From: £1189

Streacom DA2
Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift

A super-light fully aluminium chassis, featuring excellent ventilation and capable of accommodating both full-sized graphics cards and water cooling.

From £530

Thanks to efficient space utilisation the exquisite Shift can pack as much power as you need. It' makes the perfect gaming PC, elegant home-entertainment system, or a stunning work-horse.

From £500

Cooler Master small.jpg
Cooler Master Elite 110

One of the smallest cases on the market but cable of supporting up to 4 SSDs, 3 mechanical hard drives & a single 8.2-inch dual slot GPU. A fantastic entry level gaming PC.

From £330

ASRock DeskMini 300_edited.jpg
ASRock DeskMini 300

Boasting AMD Ryzen processors and DDR4 memory, "The Console Killer" boasts impressive impressive gaming capabilities with high performance desktop processing power.

From £360

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